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J. Merritt Melancon

Public relations coordinator

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College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
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Articles by J. Merritt Melancon

Dec. 1 2017

Outreach program helps farmers build a better business

Dennis Hollingsworth was fresh out of college the first time he tried running a farm. It was the early 1980s in South Georgia, and he stuck with it for four years in some of the roughest economic conditions since the Great Depression.

Nov. 27 2017

D.W. Brooks speaker: GMOs will be necessary to feed growing world

If the world's food supply is going to double by 2050, it's not going to happen without genetically modified crops.

Oct. 9 2017

UGA researchers to study new source of renewable biofuels

Scientists have produced biofuels from corn, switchgrass and even algae, but researchers at the University of Georgia soon will study a new source of renewable biofuels: the lesser-known crop of carinata, also known as "Ethiopian mustard."

Oct. 2 2017

Molecular biologist will deliver this year’s D.W. Brooks Lecture

Molecular biologist and agricultural technology advocate Nina Fedoroff will visit the University of Georgia Nov. 7 to deliver the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences' D.W. Brooks Lecture at 3:30 p.m. in Mahler Hall at the UGA Center for Continuing Education & Hotel.

Sep. 25 2017

UGA president, ag college dean, state leaders tour Northeast Georgia farms, nurseries

From the trees that beautify Georgia's landscapes to the cows that produce milk to feed Georgia families, agriculture in this state is diverse and faces a range of challenges. University of Georgia President Jere W. Morehead and state leaders learned more about these challenges and Northeast Georgia's farms, nurseries and the agritourism industry Sept. 19 during the annual farm tour.

Aug. 28 2017

CAES faculty member traces her love of animals to early intro to farm life

Jillian Fain Bohlen's love of animals drove her to become a fan of dairy farming at an early age.

Apr. 10 2017

Former CAES dean to discuss smallholder farmers’ needs

For years, soil scientist J. Scott Angle worked to make some the world's most technologically advanced farms more productive and more sustainable. Today, he's doing the same for small-scale and subsistence farmers across the world.

Feb. 27 2017

CAES student building startup based on smart irrigation technology

Remote moisture sensors and smart irrigation rigs are promising to revolutionize the way farmers use water, but soon this same technology may be available to landscape managers and, eventually, homeowners.

Feb. 20 2017

Extension viticulture specialist to help state’s vineyards

Wineries are becoming big business in Georgia, and the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension is working to support this growing sector of the economy with new expertise for wine growers.

Jan. 17 2017

Professor introduces students to small, but powerful, world of insects

It's Tuesday at 11 a.m., and a rapt classroom of students is gazing up at huge pictures of rashes and macroscopic photos of the insects that caused them.

Jan. 9 2017

Three UGA faculty teams awarded Sustainable Food Systems Fellowships

The UGA Sustainable Food Systems Initiative has awarded three interdisciplinary teams of faculty with its third round of Sustainable Food Systems Fellowships.

Nov. 28 2016

D.W. Brooks speaker: Childhood hunger is not a problem to ignore

One in four children will suffer severe developmental issues due to hunger. Although this number may be overwhelming, nothing will change if people continue to ignore the problem.

Oct. 31 2016

Veteran journalist will discuss fight to end childhood hunger

Roger Thurow, a veteran foreign correspondent for the Wall Street Journal and anti-hunger activist, will visit UGA Nov. 7 to deliver the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences' D.W. Brooks Lecture at 3:30 p.m. in the UGA Center for Continuing Education.

Sep. 26 2016

UGA entomology helps lead effort to digitize North America’s butterfly and moth collections

This fall, researchers at the Georgia Museum of Natural History at UGA will help lead an effort to digitize around 2.1 million specimens from the order Lepidoptera—moths and butterflie—and to make that data available to scientists studying climate, natural habitats and agricultural pests.

Sep. 6 2016

‘Everyone at the table’: CAES issues challenge to young entrepreneurs

From the development of the iron plow to the noble impulse to turn peanuts into a delicious sandwich spread, groundbreaking visionaries have repeatedly reshaped the way the world eats.

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