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December 14, 2017   COLUMNS CONTRIBUTORS

Aaron Hale

Senior reporter

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Articles by Aaron Hale

Nov. 27 2017

Former judge explains neutral dispute resolution

Navigating ethical decisions can be "no easy matter," according to the Honorable Stanley F. Birch Jr., especially when it comes to the complex world of dispute resolution.

Nov. 6 2017

Retired federal judge to discuss ethics in dispute resolution at Nov. 9 lecture

In advance of the University of Georgia's observance of Ethics Awareness Week, a former federal judge will visit campus to talk about ethics.

Aug. 28 2017

Optimal learning environment

UGA's Science Learning Center was engineered to foster collaboration and problem-solving skills to prepare students for thriving careers in the STEM, or science, technology, engineering and math, fields. The facility, which opened last August, is enhancing the learning environment and addressing the demand for STEM classes at the university.

Apr. 10 2017

Business students find a community at new Correll Hall

Some key ingredients to business success are preparation and collaboration. So, it makes sense to have a business learning environment that facilitates teamwork.

Mar. 13 2017

Career outcomes rate for UGA’s Class of 2016 at 95 percent

The UGA Career Center is reporting a 95 percent career outcomes rate for the Class of 2016—13 percent higher than the national average. That rate reflects the percentage of students who are either employed, continuing their education or not seeking employment within an average of six months after graduating.

Feb. 13 2017

‘Transforming research’

Nov. 7 2016

A new home base: Student veterans bring range of backgrounds, experiences to UGA

Undergraduate Jamal Shelton spent most of his military career performing the difficult, but necessary, task of handling the remains of U.S. Marines killed in service.

Oct. 31 2016

USG leads nation in providing access to free online textbooks

The University System of Georgia has been a nationwide leader in helping students save money through free online textbooks. UGA has been at the forefront of those efforts, helping its students save more than $2 million in textbooks since 2013.

Oct. 24 2016

Early experience

The first scientific laboratory experience for Michael Pierce, director of the UGA Cancer Center, wasn't glamorous. He got a job cleaning glassware and mixing solutions as an undergraduate at Oklahoma Baptist University.

Oct. 24 2016

Fundraiser for charitable organizations underway

The Campaign for Charities is underway at UGA to collect pledges and money for local and state charitable organizations.

Sep. 26 2016

Employees earn certificate at annual Embracing Diversity event

Listening to diverse points of view in the UGA community is a way for faculty, staff and students to enhance their learning experience, said Arthur Tripp, assistant to UGA President Jere W. Morehead, at UGA's annual Embracing Diversity event Sept. 13 in the Chapel.

Sep. 26 2016

Blogger tells crowd to pursue dreams

In the world of Facebook news feeds and Twitter timelines, holding people's attention is the "currency" of an artist's work, said UGA alumnus Brandon Stanton, a best-selling author, photographer and founder of the popular blog Humans of New York.

Sep. 26 2016

Yale professor delivers Constitution Day talk

The U.S. Constitution, with its blueprint for self-governance, changed the direction of world history, said Akhil Reed Amar, the Sterling Professor of Law and Political Science at Yale University, during the Constitution Day lecture at the Chapel Sept. 16.

Sep. 19 2016

Measures help university reduce annual energy consumption by 20 percent

In keeping with its commitment to sustainability, UGA has reduced annual energy consumption by more than 20 percent since 2007, saving $5 million per year as a result. The reduction is the result of several measures, including infrastructure repairs and investments, replacement of the old coal-fired boiler, and individual efforts to conserve.

Sep. 19 2016

Fellows program promotes archives-based learning

With Google searches, online textbooks and e-readers, students increasingly rely on digital tools to learn without ever needing to pick up a physical book.

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