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May 24, 2011   How to Receive Columns

How to Receive Columns

All full- and part-time UGA faculty and staff are automatically added to the Columns mailing list to receive the paper version of the newspaper.

To opt out of the paper version of Columns:

  1. Go to the Self Service website ( and log in with your MyID and password.
  2. Go to "My Information" and click on "My Personnel Data."
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and find "Columns Publication." The text reads "If you wish to change whether you receive [the paper version of] Columns, click here." This is a link to the opt-out/opt-in page.
  4. This page only has one button, and that is to opt-in or opt-out. Choose one or the other. If you do nothing, you will remain on the mailing list and continue to receive the paper version of Columns.

Because the mailing list is produced in advance, it may take several weeks for your name to be removed once you opt out.

If you opt out of getting the paper version of Columns but later change your mind, go to the Self Service website and follow the above steps to opt back in.

This option is only available for current employees. Retirees and others who want to be removed from the mailing list should send an email to


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