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October 9, 2017   Newsmakers | ‘Good bacteria’

‘Good bacteria’

October 9, 2017

Emma Laing, a faculty member in the College of Family and Consumer Sciences, was quoted in a Martha Stewart magazine article about the benefits of eating more yogurt.

The article described a recent observational study in Ireland that focused on the health perks of yogurt among more than 4,000 adults older than 60. Findings show that women with a higher yogurt consumption had increased hip and neck bone mineral density readings. Meanwhile, men with higher yogurt consumption recorded higher vitamin D concentrations compared to nonyogurt eaters.

Laing, a clinical associate professor and director of dietetics in the foods and nutrition department, talked about the level of "good bacteria" in yogurt.

"This bacteria can help with the balance and diversity of bacteria in your intestines, or gut," she said. "It has also been shown to support immunological health."

Laing also talked about the trend among restaurants and schools to add yogurt to menus.

"More registered dietitians are also recommending yogurt for maximum exercise performance," she said.


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