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January 22, 2013   Bulletin Board | Social Security tax change

Social Security tax change

January 22, 2013

As of Jan. 1, the Social Security tax withholding from UGA paychecks is 6.2 percent, increased from the 4.2 percent withholding that has been in place for the past two years. For example, an employee with a gross pay of $1,000 would have had Social Security withholding of $42 in December 2012 but now will have Social Security withholding of $62 for payroll payments in 2013. Please be aware that numerous factors may impact an employee's payroll check and the change in Social Security withholding is just one of those factors.

This withholding applies to all faculty and staff and is identified on employee paycheck stubs as "FICA-OASDI." The increase is due to taxpayer relief legislation that was allowed to expire at the end of 2012.

Contact the payroll department at 706-542-3431 or for more information.

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