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April 27, 2015   Newsmakers | College of Arts & Sciences | Oil and water

Oil and water

April 27, 2015

Samantha Joye, UGA's Athletic Association Professor in Arts and Sciences and a professor of marine science, was quoted in worldwide coverage of the five-year anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon oil well drilling platform explosion in the Gulf of Mexico. The Bellona Foundation interviewed Joye for an article that examined how long it will take the environment to get back to "normal."

"There's this enormous multitude of interacting system level effects in the Gulf," Joye said. "These are questions we are not going to be able to answer in a year, or two years or three, so it may take a decade before we start to get a clue about it, and probably two decades before we begin to truly understand."

Joye also was one of 26 marine scientists surveyed by ABC News for a story about the current health of the Gulf's oysters, dolphins, sea turtles, marshes and the seafloor. When asked about key fish such as red snapper, kingsnake eels and tilefish, Joye said, "Their livers have fresh Macondo oil in them."

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