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September 18, 2017   Columns Articles | Inside UGA | Innovation Gateway’s series helps researchers…

Innovation Gateway’s series helps researchers commercialize research

Terry Hastings

Director of Research Communications

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By Terry Hastings | September 18, 2017

University of Georgia research has led to more than 675 products reaching the market and the formation of more than 150 startup companies.

Now University of Georgia researchers interested in commercializing their research can learn from that experience through Innovation Gateway's annual Technology Transfer Educational Series, "Bridging the Gap Between Academia and Industry," which kicks off Sept. 20 from 1-2 p.m. in Coverdell Auditorium S175.

"Industry is outsourcing more of its research and development operations and looking to universities as sources for innovation and expertise," said Derek Eberhart, director of Innovation Gateway. "This four-part series highlights how we collaborate with researchers to maximize the impact of their discoveries by partnering with industry, or helping to launch startup companies, to move discoveries from the lab or field to the marketplace."

The first of four events, "Industry Needs vs. Research Discoveries: Identifying the Value Proposition," features Innovation Gateway staff discussing how they help researchers identify the product or service that will ultimately be sold by industry partners. Joining the discussion will be Innovation Gateway staff Cory Acuff, associate director for licensing, and Shelley Fincher, plant licensing manager.

Next in the series, "How to Make Technologies Discovered at UGA More Attractive to Industry," will be held Nov. 8 from 1-2 p.m. in the Coverdell Auditorium S175. Patent attorney Matthew Hoots of Smith Risley Tempel Santos LLC will discuss how the patent process creates value around a technology by reducing its risk to industry.

In February 2018, the series will partner with the student organization Graduate Research Assistants Diversifying STEM at UGA to address how a startup company can reduce the risk associated with a new technology in "How to Move a Discovery Forward When Industry is Not Ready for It."

In April 2018, the fourth event in the series, "UGA Technology Success Stories," will feature a panel of UGA researchers sharing their licensing and startup success stories, followed by questions from the audience.

All of the sessions will be followed by a networking hour with refreshments in the Coverdell lobby.

Space is limited and registration is encouraged. RSVP to Tyler Duggins at or 706-542-8969.

For information about the Technology Transfer series, visit https://­

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