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January 5, 2011   Columns Articles | Inside UGA | Grady College sponsors campus-wide read of Hunter-Gault…

Grady College sponsors campus-wide read of Hunter-Gault memoir

January 5, 2011

As a part of the 50th anniversary celebration of desegregation at UGA, the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication is sponsoring a campus-wide read of Charlayne Hunter-Gault's memoir, In My Place.

The book recalls the UGA alumna's early years growing up black and female in the Deep South and the turmoil surrounding her entrance to the university. Hunter-Gault graduated from Grady College in 1963 and has enjoyed a distinguished career in newspapers, magazines, radio and television.

In preparation for Hunter-Gault's return to campus, the Grady College is encouraging all members of the university community to read her book. The UGA Bookstore is offering In My Place at a discounted price.

Campus-wide reads are a common practice at many universities as a way to help members of the campus community connect with each other and with challenging ideas and texts.

"Given the opportunity to meet with the author to commemorate a moment in history and to be able to talk with the author about what that moment was like personally is such an incredible gift," said Leara Rhodes, a journalism professor and member of the 50th anniversary planning committee. "We have to read this book."


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