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September 19, 2011   Campus Scenes | Campus Scenes
Magnify Women’s Studies-2011 Welcome Back-h.Ray, Stocker, Herles
From left: Nichole Ray, Jacqueline Stocker and Cecilia Herles chat at the annual Institute of Women’s Studies welcome back reception. Photo by Paul Efland
Magnify Student Activities Fair-h.signup
Senior journalism major Adam Carlson (right) talks with junior psychology major Courtney Brennaman about working for the Pandora yearbook, now being published in a digital format. Photo by Paul Efland
  • Women’s Studies-2011 Welcome Back-h.Ray, Stocker, Herles
  • Student Activities Fair-h.signup

Campus Scenes

September 19, 2011

New and returning members of the university community get into the flow of campus life

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