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May 1, 2017   Weekly Reader | Book recounts lives of alumna, professor

Book recounts lives of alumna, professor

May 1, 2017
The Lady of Booger Hill

Sallie Krickel
CreateSpace Independent Publishing
Paperback: $15

Sallie Krickel, widow of the late Edward Krickel, a longtime faculty member of UGA's English department in the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences, has released a book that details the life she built with her husband.

Krickel, who earned her doctorate from UGA and taught at world literature, Spanish and French at Emmanuel College for more than 30 years, wrote the novel as an homage to her late husband, a man she describes as incomparably kind, gentle and brilliant. Since their grandchildren were not born until a decade after his passing in 1994, Sallie wanted them to know him as more than a name on their family tree, telling this tale through her novel The Lady of Booger Hill.

Named after the neighborhood that Sallie grew up in, the book recounts Sallie's childhood as well as various milestones in her life. The Lady of Booger Hill provides readers with an account of the hectic, chaotic lives of two professors as they balance work, family and life on a small farm in northeast Georgia.

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